An unforgettable day on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit: review of the exclusive race cab event

The roaring roar of the engines, the fast corners and the exciting atmosphere of the Nürburgring - all this was part of our unforgettable day on the Grand Prix circuit on October 2, 2023. As exclusive invitees, customers and partners had the privilege of taking part in a track day that provided a fast-paced driving experience and unforgettable memories.

Video and pictures: Leonard von Bibra

Fast laps in the Becker-Immobilien Porsche

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the opportunity to ride as a passenger in a high-performance Becker-Immobilien Porsche. Three breathtaking laps of the racetrack gave the participants a real motorsport adventure. The speed, the curves, the thrills - it was simply breathtaking. The racing drivers who mastered these machines showed off their skills and made sure everyone felt safe while feeling the speed.

Joint come-together

After the exciting race, it was time to relax and recharge. The lunchtime get-together provided the perfect opportunity to chat with other guests and the organizers. The participants were treated to a barbecue and salad buffet. The appearance of "Addi", a well-known Bonn restaurateur who became famous for his "Lenné-Snack" from Bonn's Südstadt district, was particularly enjoyable. His dishes were a delight and made for happy faces.

A day for the whole family

This day was not just for motorsport enthusiasts, but also for families. The younger guests were treated to surprises and entertainment. This ensured that everyone, from young to old, could enjoy their day to the full.


This special day on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit will forever hold a place of honor in our memories. The speeding Porsche laps, the culinary delights and the warm atmosphere made for an unforgettable experience. There will be more events like this in the future and we will let you know about them in good time.

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