Self-determined living in old age as an ideal: what needs to be considered?

Germany is getting older and older. Very few people realize what this means. One thing is clear: most senior citizens want to live independently for as long as possible. Preferably in their familiar surroundings and in their cherished home. But what does it take to put this goal into practice and live as carefree a life in old age as they did when they were younger? 

Self-determination as a dazzling scenario

What exactly does this mean? Self-determined generally means that senior citizens can manage their household independently without the help of third parties and can do as they please within their own four walls. In general, many older people want to remain their own boss and not be accountable to anyone. Just as they have been used to all their lives.

Ageing as a challenge

However, as we get older, the demands on our environment change bit by bit. In most cases, physical ailments increase: whether it is declining eyesight or the realization that climbing stairs suddenly becomes difficult or the distances between the kitchen and dining room are too long, as the years go by, the health of the residents demands that the property be adapted.

The tiresome song of accessibility 

It is no secret that the mobility of many senior citizens decreases as they get older. This is when action is needed: Perhaps the installation of a stair lift is all that is needed to get to the upper floor with ease, or perhaps the bathroom or kitchen needs to be remodeled, as a rollator or wheelchair now takes up space and bending and reaching becomes increasingly difficult. If these measures are suitable for staying in your beloved home, you should spare no money and no effort in this regard. Then why not rebuild with courage? 

The ideal solution: a new property is needed

However, if your property cannot be converted to suit your needs, the only option is to move to a new home. Although it is usually difficult to say goodbye - after all, you are not just leaving behind the property as such, but an entire phase of your life - a new home also offers unexpected opportunities. The beautiful verse by the writer Hermann Hesse also applies here: "There is magic in every beginning." 

Spoilt for choice

If you decide to open a new chapter in your life, the question arises as to the type of housing you want. From the "assisted living" concept to setting up a senior citizens' shared flat to renting a barrier-free new building, everything is conceivable. The infrastructural connection is certainly an important point in the selection process. The fact that stores for daily needs and local public transport are within walking distance is ultimately also a powerful argument for young people to decide for or against an apartment. 

The great thing about it is that you can choose the form of living that suits you best. So it remains exciting, even in old age, with plenty of life experience under your belt.

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For reasons of better readability, the generic masculine is used in this text. Female and other gender identities are explicitly included where this is necessary for the statement.

Legal notice: This article does not constitute tax or legal advice in individual cases. Please consult a lawyer and/or tax advisor to clarify the facts of your specific individual case.

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